Ever wondered why your job applications are not being replied with interview calls even if you have the right skills set and experience? The simple answer is your CV / Resume never reached to the right person at the right time. We provide Best CV Distribution Service in Dubai

A lot of candidates have the right skills for the job, but how to communicate it with a RECRUITERS is a barrier which needs to be crossed in order to be shortlisted for the interviews.Our Best CV Distribution Service in Dubai also known as Resume / CV distribution service is relatively new in the market but it does wonders. Let us explain how Best CV Distribution Service in Dubai can make a difference in your quest of landing a dream job interview.

What is Psychology of the Recruiters

In order to understand the recruitment, we need to break the problem down in bite-sized chunks:
A vacancy is created when the role is brand new or the current employee left the job. For an employer’s perspective, it is bad for business and it is a headache for him. To get rid of this problem he contacts HR department to hire suitable candidate to fill the empty position. The HR department looks at available candidates (Internal or External) and tries to fill this vacancy without bothering of even advertising it. And remember it is human psychology to go for the simplest solution if it can solve the problem. HR Department looks at the available pool of candidates. If they don’t find someone suitable for the role then they advertise the role. When the vacancy is advertised, a large number of candidates apply for the same single vacancy and only one of them gets hired after a long struggle. This struggle may include having the right skills, presenting them in the best possible way, having the right experience, having references and above of all being lucky enough to have a CV in front of HR Manager. The key is TIMING!!!

Why Timing is Important?

Now, think for a second!!! If you are a candidate, wouldn’t it be nice to approach the recruiter before the advertisement for the job? It can give the recruiter the right candidate in the form of you, and why on earth he/she will bother to advertise the job in the first place. Obviously, it requires the right talent and experience etc to land on the job, but I hope that we made the point crystal clear.

How CV Distribution Works?

Database of Right Audience:
We, at GCC Marketing, researched this problem and nailed it down to its very core and came up with a very bespoke and tailored made solution to this problem. Our team has worked hard to gather a database of direct email addresses of small and big companies Key Employees, Administrators, Top Recruiters, Senior Executives, CEOs, and Higher Management not only in UAE but also in whole GCC region. The database covers all major industries including Freezone Establishments, LLC’s, Government or Semi Government Organizations. Above all, we collected the email addresses of all Recruitment Agencies.

CV Distribution Software

Next, our world-class team of software developers worked hard day and night to create a state of the art built-in software for CV Distribution. This software performs the CV distribution service seamlessly. The best thing which we offer is that our software is unique in its attributes. It will send the email to all contacts of the database. The best part is that the email will show itself as it was specifically sent to the receiver from the candidate’s personal email account. No one will ever know that you have taken professional CV Distribution Service in UAE.

We take your CV / Resume along with Cover Letter from you and distribute it to thousands of companies all over the country on your behalf. We have served hundreds of candidates and the majority of them found it very effective. When we perform this service, candidates receive tons of direct calls from the recruiters for the interviews. Obviously, your performance in the interview decides whether you are selected for the job or not. But CV Distribution service will fulfil its purpose by opening the doors for interviews for you.
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Smart Work Vs Hard Work

Many candidates sit in front of the computer and apply for the vacancies but seldom see the face of an interviewer. We at GCC Marketing has it all covered. We have all the necessary setup to relieve you from this tension. A candidate just pays a nominal fee and we perform the CV Distribution service for the client.

An Average Job Hunter Sends 50 Resumes in 1 Day

If you are a job hunter then I would like to invite you to think carefully for a while! How many vacancies do you apply in one day? Maybe 50, 100 or in best case scenario 200. A survey done by Indeed suggests that an average job hunter send maximum 50 resumes in a day. Keeping highest possibility ratio in mind, you will send your resume to 6,000 prospective employers in one month and I am talking about best possible scenario but if I agree with Indeed Survey the number falls down to 1,500 which is awfully lower than what a CV distribution can do for you. Imagine the power it is offering to you by approaching 300,000 industry contacts which you don’t have access to and contacting them within 3 days.
People! Don’t waste your time, we can help you with this and I assure you that this is the best deal you will ever going to get.
Instead of wasting months, just spend a small chunk of your money and it will bear results for you. Remember!!! There are two ways to do work, the first conventional way is doing HARD WORK and the other way is doing SMART WORK. I am sure you belong to the second category.
At GCC, we believe you deserve better and we make sure that we deliver to the very core of what we promised. We take each individual customer very seriously and do our best to bear results.

At GCC, we follow simple, effective rules for customer satisfaction
Coverage We cover the majority of the stakeholders in the industry
Responsibility We take responsibility
Punctuality Timely completion of the service
Flexibility Even after the order is confirmed, we can alter the service as per customer’s request
Detail Oriented We boast to be the best by paying full attention to detail
Best CV Distribution Service in UAE is performed in a professional manner


Dear clients, please note that CV Distribution is a type of email marketing and same as any other marketing, CV Distribution too does not bear any promises whatsoever from our side. It will truly depend on many factors like job market, your suitability towards the job and your presentation skills to name a few. GCC Marketing clearly does not offer any jobs neither do we promise for any job placements. Please do not take our CV Distribution Service if you expect us to give you any guarantees. We simply announce your candidacy to the world. 


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