PPC Company in Dubai, UAE

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a wonderful way of marketing due to the incredible features it carries. This technique of paid advertisement is famous for its powerful features.

  1. You only pay for PPC Marketing campaign when an interested client pays on your advert.
  2. PPC is completely under your control when it comes to the budget. It is you who sets the limits of how much to be spent.
  3. PPC gives you control to target segmented audience.
  4. The results from PPC campaigns are instantaneous.
  5. PPC marketing allows you to analyze the result of your campaigns. You can check which keyword is doing well and vice versa.
  6. PPC Marketing drives quality traffic

Creating your own very first bespoke PPC Marketing campaign can be a very daunting task and could cost you a lot of money before you can really understand dos and don’ts of PPC. It is not only a pillar to driving traffic to the website but also makes a direct impact on your revenue figures.

PPC Marketing is a complex and time-consuming task and you need an experienced dedicated resource for setting up and running your PPC campaigns. We are not saying that you cannot set up the ads. But creating ads that can bring you more leads is the challenge where our professionals can help you.

GCC Marketing has the right skill set and talent mix to handle PPC campaigns on your behalf. Doing the research and effective creating the ads for optimum conversion for maximum Return on Investment or ROI is our key to success. We are the only agency in Dubai, UAE who is providing PPC management services not only on Google Adwords but also at Bidvertiser, RevCotent, AdRoll, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, BuySellAds, Advertise.com, Adblade, and Clicksor.

Google AdWords / Google Ads PPC Marketing

Google Adwords allows you to show your listing on top of organic results.

As defined by Google, “Google AdWords is Google’s advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from search.”

Google AdWords requires a lot of research, knowledge, time and wisdom to create your ads that can drive relevant traffic to your website and landing pages.

Bidvertiser PPC Marketing

It is a great Google AdSense alternative. Bidvertisor is a great PPC Marketing platform which displays your ad on the third-party famous website who signup under their revenue share scheme. The cost per click is very cheaper.

RevCotent PPC Marketing

RevCotent particularly focuses on content advertising method of PPC Marketing. It currently has 260 Million clicks with a crazy amount of traffic.

AdRoll PPC Marketing

It gives you a network of choice. You can show your ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and many more by actively targeting visitors who already visited your website.

Facebook Ads PPC Marketing

Compared to other PPC campaigns Facebook Ads offer many similar attributes to big PPC Platforms. However, what makes it stand out of crowd is Facebook ads are very difficult to block and the mingle up with user feed. Also, Facebook has combined it with Instagram for further visibility to the audience.

Bing Ads PPC Marketing

Bing works on similar to Google Adwords PPC Marketing model but pay per click is very low compared to Google. It still, however, receives millions of searches every day and a great source of quality traffic.

BuySellAds PPC Marketing

It is one of the largest display ads networks in the world and could bring some quality traffic to your business.

Advertise.com PPC Marketing

It offers video PPC, social PPC, and contextual PPC to its users to drive relevant traffic. The cost per click or CPR is very low for Adverstise.com

Adblade PPC Marketing

Adblade gives access to 300 million users for PPC campaigns on premium websites which are lesser known to the general public.

Clicksor PPC Marketing

Clicksor is the best choice for contextual PPC marketing in Dubai for banner advertising and contextual ads. It is having 150,000 premium publishers with and showing over 3 billion impressions a month

Pay Per Click ( PPC ) is a powerful way of Marketing which offers Advisors Effective Results instantly by Displaying Ads on Top-Ranked Search Engines. If a customer needs Fast Results in SEO Ranking then PPC Marketing 2018 is the right option for Business. Some top PPC Services include AdWords by Google, Microsoft Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Marketing.

How Pay Per Click Marketing works?

GCC Marketing Services 2018 in Dubai radically improve your Search Engine Rankings over Google, Yahoo and Bing by Landing Page Optimization, Lead Generation Web Pages, A & B Testing, Account and Campaign Development Market Research and SEO Keyword Research. When someone Searches any of your Keywords, PPC Marketing 2018 makes Ads appear in Search Results and in Sponsored Links, Client pay only when user click on their site link.